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Derek in every episode of Season 4

[Scott] [Lydia] [Stiles] [Derek]

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For the meme thing, would you consider doing "grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU"?



Derek has a real problem. Well, not a problem, a crush. It’s just that his crush IS on his chem partner, and the scrawny guy he used to tease about not being able to keep up with during their running exercises, and his favorite person to sit next to in the dining hall and make up conversations other people were having with. His crush is on Stiles. Stiles that threw himself into the desk next to Derek’s two years ago and told him they were going to be partners, and hadn’t given Derek a choice in the matter. He’d declared Scott— his very best friend— had abandoned him to sit with his girlfriend, and that Derek was going to take his place. 

Derek never had actually taken Scott’s place. Scott would flick paper aeroplanes over to Stiles’ desk, and they’d hit Derek in the face, instead. When Stiles followed Derek into lunch, and began detailing the racy argument a couple two tables over were definitely not old enough to be having, Scott would join in from the other side. When he wasn’t staring dreamily at Allison. Derek had gained two friends for the price of one, and not been able to get a word of protest in about it. 

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Oops (◕‿◕)

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Mating Games: Challenge Three


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For all intents and purposes, Derek is human in this scene. And yet, look at the way he protects Stiles from Liam. He puts himself in danger, fully knowing his strength and healing abilities are diminished, to keep Stiles safe. He restrains Liam’s arms, he’s physically turned his body so that Stiles his behind him, his shoulder is up as an extra barrier between Stiles and Liam’s claws. Even when Stiles gets the idea, we can see through the bars (in the 6th gif) that he’s trying to reach over Derek’s shoulder to get at Liam, but Derek pushes his shoulder up higher to keep Stiles away. And after Liam’s calmed down and Stiles says, “I got it,” Derek still keeps a hold of Liam’s wrist, not letting go until Liam is in full control. Tell me again how Derek doesn’t care about Stiles. Tell me again how Derek doesn’t consistently and knowingly put himself in danger to protect others. Tell me again how Derek doesn’t possessive the right abilities to be a good Alpha.

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This is your birth.

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raisesomehale asked for nr 30 from the color me sterek palette :)

I will always find you
Like it’s written in the stars

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"You work to much on that wolf man thing, don’t you think? I think it’s better if you just leave this case."

"I know, Derek. I want to have more time with you too, but if I won’t bring something about this guy, I’ll probably lose my job. After this, I’ll have more time for you, I promise.

Sterek AU: THE AMAZING WOLF MAN [soon on ao3] for the Super Hero Week

Stiles works at the press of the Beacon City newspaper and is the best story writer there. But when suddenly a mysterious wolf guy appears in Beacon City, the whole public throws itself on this “amazing wolf man” and is crazy after him. Stiles finds himself frustrated about his job for the first time because this stupid wolf man will ruin his job when he doesn’t bring something incredible and unique to the readers. He will, Stiles thinks. He’ll get to publish a picture of his face which no one could take yet because every time a security camera tries to make a picture of him, it’s like a huge flash light would blind the camera. Stiles will make it somehow, he just knows. But ugh… Stiles honestly just wants to have time with his boyfriend instead of this wolf man nonsense.

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